Why permanent fillers? …because doctors want permanent patients, not permanent fillers! Our practice has been using permanent fillers for over 20 years with great success! Purified medical grade silicone, made by Alcon (the famous eye product company), is FDA approved for off label use in facial areas such as the lips, cheeks, nasolabial lines, temples, hands, and any facial wrinkles not affected by muscle movement, which would necessitate the use of Botox (another widely used injectable).

The procedure itself takes minutes and produces instant results. We use a prescription¬† numbing ointment on the targeted area, and after waiting ten to fifteen minutes, we inject small micro-beads of the substance, building up carefully in layers, which are surrounded by your body’s own collagen ‘shell’, which encapsulates each droplette, thereby keeping it in place and preventing so-called migration. Temporary fillers break down and are absorbed by the body within months. Further, repeated frequent injections cause the build up of scar tissue, leaving firm bumps at the injection sites. Financially, spending over $500 every three months, not to mention the discomfort with each round of injections, make the permanent fillers a much better choice.

Although the permanent filler stays in the body where it was placed forever, the skin on the face is still affected by gravity over time, facilitating a need for further enhancements with any product you prefer. Most patients find the desire to do that on a yearly basis, if that. Under-injection of the permanent filler, further prevents the possibility of over-inflating the desired areas. The same holds true for temporary fillers. The use of the patient’s own fat to add volume to facial areas has proven to be the least popular of ways to enhance the face. The reason for this is it requires an actual surgical technique to obtain the fat, and twice the amount to be injected to achieve a conservative result in the end result, leaving the patient with a bloated, un-natural look while waiting for the over injected fat to be absorbed by the body and the final result obtained.

With over twenty years of experience in injecting, we have a family of repeat patients for this product that are happy to not have continuous treatments, and continuous payments and pain.

On rare occasions a patient will decide to go with a more conservative (smaller) ‘look’ as in the lip area, for example. This can be achieved easily with a ‘lip shave’. See Procedures for more information


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