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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…



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The best reference


I was diagnosed with COPD many years ago, however 4 years ago it had affected everything about my daily life. Normal chores like carrying groceries or lifting a basket of laundry had become to strenuous. I was slowly becoming more distant not even meeting with friends. Four months after my stem cell treatment my life changed dramatically. Happily, I returned the oxygen equipment. I am so thankful that now I can do everyday household chores. Were it not for this amazing staff, so patient and professional, I would not have gotten my life back.

Cydne P.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

I came to America to visit my daughter and while there, learned about stem cells for general health improvement. I had anemia and after the treatment improved significantly. I had an injection of my stem cells along with PRP and happily felt better in general; and more energy! Even my skin and hari appeared healthier. I will continue to have them when I visit.

Fanmei K.

Anemia | January 2016

I have had Crohn’s disease for most of my short life which has led me to miss out on many teenage activities. After seeing other patients improve from having stem cells injected, I (and my mother) decided to try it. It was a wonderful thing to gradually be able to discontinue giving myself Humara shots routinely. I can actually have an active social life without worrying and even married the love of my life last year. Thanking my doctor, mom, God, and the many people who believe in stem cells for my happy ending!

Mia H

Crohn’s Disease

When I first had my accident, I didn’t think I would ever walk again. I realized all the things that I would do naturally are now what I missed the most. This was six years ago. Since I had my stem cell treatment, I have begun to control parts that I couldn’t before. It’s been a long road and I am grateful to Dr. Propis and his team for going to such great lengths to help me on my journey to recovery. I know this is just the beginning of it because I see what is possible.

Samuel / 28 yrs old

Spinal Cord Injury / March 2017
Austin, TX

I heard about Dr. Propis from a friend in my physical therapy office. He went to Dr. Propis about a year ago. I’ve noticed him improving so much so, I asked him what he’s doing differently. That’s when he told me about Dr. Propis’s. I talked to my parents about it and they met with Dr. Propis to discuss if I was a candidate. I have a C5-C6 injury and an incomplete quadriplegic, so I was a candidate and had the stem cell procedure done in February 2017. In such short time, I started feeling burning and muscle aches. I called them right away and was told this is very good! The burning subsided and I am definitely seeing improvements. My hands are a little stronger, my core feels more solid and I can definitely feel more bladder functions. I feel stronger and am so optimistic that I will continue to improve.

John | 18 yrs old

Spinal Cord Injury | February 2017
Tallahassee, FL

I have had multiple sclerosis for quite some time. Not only does it affect my mobility in getting around, but causes forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating. My husband has had to all but quit work to care for me as I need help with simple things. After one stem cell treatment, I am much more self-sufficient and able to focus. I am able to remember things more and my husband notices the improvement also! I’m planning to do another, since this one helped so much.


Multiple Sclerosis |March 2014

After having my second treatment I’m feeling not only sharper in memory & movement, but have noticed increase in energy.


Multiple Sclerosis | December 2014

Today Lori form Dr. Propis’s called to check in on me and she was surprised at my ability to recognize her voice and how I’m able to stay home myself without assistance. They are like family and have changed my life immensely. Can’t imagine where I’d be without having had therapy.



I flew to the US in hopes of getting help for my diabetes. Having tried medicine & diets with no results, I was ready to try stem cells. After 1 treatment (and a six month period) I am off all meds and not considered diabetic anymore. To me, life changing! Especially after a relatively simple procedure. Thank you to the office of Dr. Propis and staff.

George B.

Diabetes | March 2014

After having suffered a spinal injury and having osteoarthritis for many years and trying different treatments, I decided to try stem cell treatment. I immediately noticed much relief & improvement, however after a time, it seemed to stay at that tier of improvement. After a month or so it seemed to reactivate, and the improvement again increased. Today, I can say it was definitely worth doing even if I’m not at 100%. The team was great and genuinely care about the patients.

Lynn B

Spinal Cord Injury & Osteoarthritis
June 2014

As a kidney failure patient, I had all but given up hope but after having one stem cell procedure, all of my lab tests but one, noted improvement which in turn has affected my state of health in a good way. Great job, Dr. Propis.

David H

Kidney Failure | April 2016

I injured both of my knees. After confirming that the cartilage was still in the joint, Dr. Propis injected my knees with a mixture of stem cells and PRP 4 months ago. Today I walk comfortably, no pain in those joints. I have noticed significant improvement in my balance and no longer need a walker or narcotics for pain.

Maribella M

Knee Injury | November 2017

As a world class athlete, I noticed a decline in my energy and strength. I was diagnosed with a chronic cardiac condition and erectile dysfunction. After undergoing the minimally uncomfortable procedure, I noticed a steady improvement in energy and strength over a 6month period. Also unexpected was an improvement in the ED department. Hoping that continues to soar… Don’t have to tell you how that can change a man’s life! Along with the “lift” in mood/energy. Thanks to the staff at Dr. Propis’s.

Stephen M (International Power Lifter)

Erectile Dysfunction & Chronic Cardiac Condition |March 2014

I’m an older man with Parkinson’s disease and along with that came constipation and irritability After having my stem cells, the constipation resolved permanently, and family notices a change in my restlessness and says I seem more calm. I still have tremors, though not as noticeable, but would do more injections if I lived closer. Staff was courteous and very warm hearted.

Danny P

Parkinson’s Disease | January 2015

As an older lady with COPD and back pain for many years I was very skeptical as was my husband, that stem cells could “cure all”. However, after having one round, I definitely have a lot of better days with less pain, able to walk more and get less winded. Should have done it earlier.

Joan S.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease | May 2016

What our patient say


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